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Mentored Courses

Our mentored courses are designed for people who want to combine the convenience of online learning with hand-marked assignments, personal support, and feedback from expert instructors.

These university-accredited courses provide you with the skills to write and design technical documents, business letters, reports, proposals, web pages, help systems, single source documents, and online courses.

You can choose to take an individual course or you can choose courses from our Information Design program and become an Information Designer.

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Technical Writing (12 weeks)
Graphic Design (6 wks)
User Interface Analysis (4 wks)
User Interface Design (4 wks)
Usability Testing (7 wks)
E-learning Course Design (8 wks)
Online Help System Design (8 wks)
Introduction to XML (6 wks)
Professional XML Authoring (12 wks)
XSL Techniques (10 wks)
Business Writing I (8 wks)
Business Writing II (6 wks)
JavaScript for Web Designers (6 wks)
Web Publishing (12 wks)


Self-paced Courses

Our self-paced courses are designed for people who like to learn on their own. They provide you with foundation skills in some of today's most popular skills.

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Grammar Essentials
About Color
HTML5 and CSS Essentials