About Color

color-courseAbout Color is a self-paced, downloadable color tutorial designed to teach you about color, color schemes, the color wheel, and computer color through theory and practical interactive exercises! This short course contains approximately 50 screens of self-paced instruction using a series of interactions, exercises, and quizzes.

Learn about color and color schemes through experimentation. The course is designed so that you can take it without instructor support. And because you can download the materials, it is yours to keep forever!

Here’s What You’ll Learn!

Below are some of the topics covered in the course:

  • Using color correctly
  • Organizing color (see image at right)
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary colors
  • Complementary color schemes
  • Triadic color schemes
  • Tetrad color schemes
  • Analogous color schemes
  • Hue, lightness, and saturation
  • Achromatic color schemes
  • Monochromatic color schemes
  • Using a complementary color scheme plus black and white
  • Color physiology
  • The effects of warm and cool colors
  • The effect of contrast
  • Experimenting with contrast
  • The effect of color blindness
  • Color psychology


The Color course is a self-paced, self-study interactive guide. At the present time, there is no formal testing and therefore we do not issue a certificate for this course.

About the Author

Doug Talbott is an online education specialist with over 25 years of experience in graphic design, interaction design and course design. He holds several design patents in visual language design and user interfaces. He is also an e-learning advisor for Online-Learning.com.