Course-related Questions

Do you offer course credits or certification?
Do I qualify to take your courses?
How often do the courses run? When are they offered?
If I am unable to complete my course due to circumstances, can I move to another session of the course?
Do you provide on-site instruction?
Can I talk to the instructor before the course to ask questions?
Who are the course instructors?
Are there a maximum number of students per course?
Do I need to buy any books or additional software?
Can I take your courses if I don't live in North America?

Payments, Refunds, and Discounts Questions

Is there a group rate discount structure available for your courses?
How do I register if I think I qualify for a discount (group, association, returning student)?
Is there a discount for returning to take more courses?
What payment methods do you accept?
What is your refund policy?
How much will it cost to take a course?
What is your cancelation policy?

Other Questions

How long have you been offering online courses?
What do other students think of your courses?
What type of people typically take your courses?
What is your privacy policy?