Grammar Essentials Course

Grammar Essentials is a self-paced, downloadable course designed to help you learn English grammar through readings and practice exercises.

The grammar course teaches you the essential aspects of grammar through reading materials, interactive quizzes, and exercises. In total, it contains over 175 pages of self-paced, grammar instruction with over 150 interactive questions and exercises! With Grammar Essentials, you learn by doing.

The course is designed so that you can take it with or without instructor support. Some people prefer to learn on their own; others like to be able to ask for assistance when they need it. If you take the course with instructor support, you’ll receive 60 days of email access to a qualified grammar instructor. It’s like having your own personal tutor available to you at any time!

Here’s What You’ll Learn!

Grammar Essentials will teach you how to:

  • Write effective sentences that are easy-to-understand
  • Identify and use basic sentence components (e.g. nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, objects, subjects)
  • Identify and correct some of the most common problems associated with writing sentences (e.g. subject-verb agreement, redundant words, padded phrases, etc.)
  • Create and organize a paragraph properly
  • Identify and correct some of the most common problems associated with writing paragraphs (e.g. wordiness, lack of parallel structure, active vs. passive voice)
  • Use basic punctuation such as commas, periods, question marks and hyphens
  • Use advanced punctuation such as apostrophes, semi-colons and colons
  • Identify common problems with punctuation
  • Capitalize words and phrases properly


The Grammar Essentials course is a self-paced, self-study interactive guide. At the present time, there is no formal testing and therefore we do not issue a certificate for this course.

Student Reviews

I have really enjoyed the grammar course and had moments of “Really? I never knew that!” For me, the most interesting section of the course dealt with parts of a sentence. I have written material on instinct, using rules of grammar learned long ago and forgotten.
The reading material provided is excellent. The self-taught grammar module was excellent.
I loved the course! It is concise and I feel it adequately refreshes my grammar skills to jumpstart me into technical writing.