Writing Business Letter

How to write a business letter – Part 2

In the first article in this series on writing business letters, I discussed how business professionals should focus on the needs of the reader. In this article, I’ll write about another important aspect of business communication: using the right tone. Speakers or writers reflect their attitude to the listener by […]

How to write a business letter – Part 1

This article on business letters is the first in a series. The ability to write effective business communications is an important skill for all business professionals. The hints and suggestions in these articles will help you to take your business writing skills from blah to fantastic!

Writing a business letter

Keywords for SEO

Using Keywords for SEO

If you want to drive more traffic to your website, you need to have a good understanding of how to use keywords. If you are able to determine the best keywords for your website, and then use these keywords in the right places in your web pages, you will get […]

Choosing the Right Training Company

There are lots of online training companies, which can make it a challenge to decide which one is right for you. If you are looking for an online instructor-led course with mentoring, then you will want to do your research to see if the course provides you with the support […]

Online training

Web images

Optimizing Online Images

Image editors like Adobe Photoshop have great tools for optimizing images. But there are also free online tools that allow you to quickly optimize your images. Optimizing images improves the quality of your website by reducing page load times and improving the visitor’s user experience. Keeping your pages lean and fast will […]

XML Basics for Technical Writers

It’s no news that there is demand for technical writers with XML experience, but precisely what might one be expected to know? As a technical writer working with XML, you will be expected to be able to author and publish XML documents. You will also need to have at least […]

XML basics for technical writers


Mentored Learning: The Instructor’s View

What does ‘mentored learning’ actually mean for an instructor in an online course? Is this very different from an instructor who teaches in the classroom? Is it difficult to provide student support in an online environment? As an instructor and the instructor coordinator for, I thought it would be […]

What is Mentored Learning?

There are many different types of online education courses. They range from downloadable self-paced courses to real-time, instructor-led courses. And while most people can understand each end of this spectrum, it is in the middle ground where most of the confusion lies. The middle ground is loosely called ‘mentored learning’. […]

online learning

What is Information Design?

As the dissemination of information is becoming more complex, there is a demand for writers and designers who can cope with the demands of information that might be delivered in multiple outputs and for different audiences. Information Designers facilitate the delivery of information by translating complex information into information that […]