Over the years, organizations and companies such as IBM, AT&T, Lockheed Martin, the United States Military, and the Canadian Government have been sending their people to learn information design skills from us. At the end of each course, we survey our students. Here are just a few of their responses.

Technical Writing

Not only did this experience teach me the proper techniques of technical writing and the process of XML document construction as promised, but it also taught me how to learn independently, how to stick with a problem and find ways of solving it, and perhaps most significantly, the experience taught me the skills that will enable me to continue to develop my technical writing skills beyond the electronic classroom.
Course materials were good, the mentoring approach was good, and working with other people via the Internet was good. The instructor did a good job of communicating and making it a more intimate arrangement. A lot of online courses fail because of the isolation. Kitty is very good and I think it’s a very solid course. I learned a lot.
You prepare people to carry out skills in the real world. Keep up the good work. What I have learned in this course, I will be able to apply in the real world.
I received my certificate, and I would like to thank you for your support. Your course was challenging, but you were always there supporting me and ready to help. I enjoyed your class tremendously. I look forward to taking another class with you.

Business Writing Courses

Learning to use the “you attitude” was very beneficial to me. The feedback was great – something I haven’t received when taking [another learning institution’s] Continuing Education Courses.
Instructor is great. Kitty is very helpful and did an excellent job. I took a 6-week MBA business writing course and paid $1,320 at [deleted] College in MA. I learned 100% more in Kitty’s course than at the MBA course. Of course, I will recommend.
The teacher (Kitty) was always there if you needed her. She was great! Looking into to signing up some of my staff. Looking forward to taking another class.

XML Authoring and Introduction to XML Authoring

I wrapped a real life experience around the assignments and it was a tremendous learning experience! I now have no problem participating actively in meetings dealing with XML subject matter (either in a business or technical level). In all, I rate the Online-learning.com XML course 9.5 out of 10.
Excellent content and assignments that build on your knowledge, reinforce, and then expand. I recently secured new employment using XSL and XML and couldn’t have done so without the Professional XML and XSL courses. Thanks!
One thing that impressed me about Online-Learning is if I have a question (even before enrolling), there is always a quick response. This is critical when distance is involved. Susan is very good about getting me through difficult issues and keeping in touch with the class.
The support from tutors was first rate, while the course was well paced, and pitched at a level which allowed me to learn quickly and in depth without becoming bogged down in too much techno-babble.

XSL Techniques

I liked that the course included step-by-step exercises and tutorials PLUS unassisted assignments. Unlike exercises where a student can get by simply doing as directed, the assignments reveal the real learning. The assignments were where I discovered whether I truly understood the material. This course produces real learning.
Very well organized and conceived. By following the course, I was able to learn and build on the concepts with minimal questions or frustration. It taught me what I was looking to learn, was well organized, and well paced. I’m already applying what I learned at work.
The fact that the assignments are graded means that there’s incentive to work on them, solve problems, and ask questions. Traditional online courses don’t offer that incentive.

Graphic Design

The course exceeded my expectations in many regards — especially in the depth of information supplied and the access to the instructor for feedback on work in progress. In a very non-threatening environment, I learned key principles of design that I can implement immediately.
I have taken many online courses. None have offered teleconference as part of the course. It enabled conversational interaction with other students and the instructor which enriched the learning environment. It enabled us as students to see and discuss each others work and share in the feedback interactively.
Doug’s an excellent instructor who really knows his stuff. He’s obviously enthusiastic about the topic and that made the course very enjoyable. Willing to share his knowledge even if I had questions that went beyond the course material.
The instructor’s clear and consistent focus on the four basic principles of graphic design (contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity) kept the course very focused and efficient. The reading material was clear and well presented.

Online Help System Design

The class is almost identical to a graduate level course I took at a well known University in Boston, Massachusetts.
I’d also like to say that yours is a well-designed course that exhibits some of the best examples of instructional design that I have seen. I’m looking forward to seeing how I do with the assignments.
Susan’s feedback was wonderful. She always provided positive feedback then showed how to take the assignment one step further. She also included samples that provided other perspectives on the same assignment. These samples added a whole new dimension to the assignments.

Usability Testing

I got almost immediate responses when I turned in assignments and she had wonderful feedback! I think it does a very good job of covering the basic steps in usability testing.
The assignments were well designed and very good learning tools. It is a good introduction to usability topics and has the right blend of theoretical and practical knowledge.
I believe that I developed an understanding of the process of usability. This is what I was interested in achieving. This is the third course I have taken from Online-learning.com and I feel that I am achieving a good understanding of information design.
I have learned a lot from the course and I am absolutely sure that I can apply everything I have learned in the course to solve product usability problems.

User Interface Analysis

Instructor feedback was excellent, and his knowledge of not just the course material, but related subjects as well. This course [User Interface Analysis] is very applicable to many aspects of user relations, not just building applications. I really enjoyed this course, and look forward to taking the next course.
I liked the chats with Hans and formatting the homework in a report form (as if you were turning it into a real customer) the best. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the course materials. I’m sure I’ll refer to them often.
Real bonus to speak with a highly experienced professional in the field. As good as a face-to-face tutorial/lecture. I feel I have been on a real course.

User Interface Design

The personal touch via teleconference with instructor (Hans Bergman) makes the course a unique learning experience. A very enjoyable online learning experience overall.
Well designed, gives a great and useful opening to user-centered design. Thank you very much. It was a great experience for me.

E-learning Course Design

A thorough course that enables the student to learn at their own pace, have access to their instructor when needed, and have tools that they can continue their education and build upon what they have learned. You receive more than just a piece of the puzzle and wonder how to incorporate it into your work, you receive the skills to start a project at inception and see it to completion! Great Course!
Not specified
I am a currently a stay-at-home mom, with two small children and a household to run and I really appreciated the flexibility to study when it fitted MY schedule. I enjoyed doing something that I have never done, on a topic I knew nothing of !! Well done, what a great course.
Overall, I thought the course was great. I did get tons of useful experience from the course and the instructor Susan was great.
It was a pleasure being a part of your course. I will use the valuable feedback you provided to improve my skills as an Instructional Designer.

Grammar Essentials Self-Paced Course

I just started the process this morning and the format is perfect!
I have really enjoyed the grammar course and had moments of “Really? I never knew that!” For me, the most interesting section of the course dealt with parts of a sentence. I have written material on instinct, using rules of grammar learned long ago and forgotten.
The reading material provided is excellent. The self-taught grammar module was excellent.

Web Publishing

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and hope to expand on my gained knowledge about building websites. The course was well presented, easy to follow and engaging. The interactive examples make the course material easier to grasp. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who wishes to learn about HTML or CSS.
I took an Intro to HTML class (through a different site) back in the fall, and while it has given me a good background and basic understanding that has helped me in starting this course, I feel that this course already has provided me with so much more information just in understanding the history of HTML, etc. The class I took last semester was not nearly as thorough and was often times confusing, so I really appreciate the quality of this course I’m taking with you now!
I found your explanations so much clearer than any book I’ve come across in trying to learn HTML.