Usability Testing Course Outline

Below is the table of contents for the Usability Testing course.

Getting started
Goals and objectives
Course outline
Computing requirements
How do I communicate?
How will I be graded?
Navigation buttons
Menu tree
Quiz exercises
How will I learn?
How do I start?
Assignment 1
Prepare your letter
Submit the assignment
Start your user log
Introducing human-computer interaction
What is a user interface?
A simple example
How people work
Implications for user interface design
How systems work
Attributes of a good interface
Leveraging our cognitive skills
Leveraging our perceptual skills
User-centered design process
Phases of the user-centered design process
Design iteration
Analysis phase
Design phase
Verification phase
Benefits of the process
Mapping usability testing to the design process
User interface design framework
Functional layer
Organization and navigation layer
Behavioral layer
Perceptual layer
User interface design roles
Additional reading
Introducing usability testing
What is usability?
A brief history of usability
What is usability testing?
What does usability testing involve?
Why perform usability tests?
What are the costs of not doing usability testing?
Where is the value?
What does it mean in terms of productivity?
Who is doing it?
Additional reading
Planning the test
The usability test process
The usability test plan
Establish the test objectives
Marketing and competitive analysis phase objectives
User and task analysis phase objectives
Design phase objectives
Development phase objectives
Verification phase objectives
Identify and recruit users
Establishing broad user segments
Establishing specific user segments
Finding participants
How many participants do I need?
Select a test type
Test type overview
Focus group method
One-on-one interview method
Field study method
Self-guided questionnaire or survey method
Expert heuristic method
Walkthrough method
Feature inspection method
Think-aloud method
Co-discovery method
Guided interaction method
Wizard of oz method
System benchmarking method
Self-administered user reviews
User-tracking system
Eye tracking
Card sorting
Option: Video recording your tests
Option: Using software to record sessions
Option: Using comparisons in your tests
Establish the logistics of the test
Design of the evaluation process
Task scenarios
Data collection methodology
Selecting the test environment
Beta-test software
Additional reading
Creating the test materials
Materials overview
Questionnaires in general
Types of questions
Screening questionnaires
Sample screening questionnaire
Introductory letter
Orientation scripts
Orientation script example
Background questionnaires
Background questionnaire example
Nondisclosure agreements
Nondisclosure agreement example
Pretest questionnaires
Data logging forms
Post-test questionnaires
Post-test questionnaire example
Debriefing scripts
Common materials checklist
Additional reading
Assignment 2
Select a test
Prepare these materials
Upload the assignment to your instructor for marking
Conducting the test
Conducting one-on-one interviews
Observing tasks in one-on-one interviews
Conducting focus group interviews
Online focus groups
Conducting expert heuristic evaluations
Recording feedback
Additional resources
Analyzing and reporting the results
Categorizing the data
Quantitative data analysis
Qualitative data analysis
Preference and performance data
Qualitative versus quantitative data
Setting criteria for quantitative measures
Tabulating performance measures
Performance measurement example
Task timings
Task accuracy
Tabulating preference data
Qualitative data summary example
Categorize data based on performance
Categorize problems by priority
Categorize data based on global or local
Categorize data based on ease of repair
Summarize the findings
Writing the report
Consider your audience
Report writing tips
Common industry report format
Additional Reading
Assignment 3
Prepare these materials
Upload the assignment to your instructor for marking
Assignment 4
Prepare these materials
Upload the assignment to your instructor for marking

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