Usability Testing Course

Usability Testing is a 7-week online course that is designed to teach you how to plan, prepare, and conduct a usability test, as well as report on the findings of the test. Poorly designed websites, product interfaces, and information products cost companies millions of dollars each year in terms of lost productivity and dissatisfied customers.

This course will prepare you to conduct usability tests that give you the feedback needed to produce products that meet the needs of the consumer.

  • You’ll learn how to plan a usability test, create test objectives, profile the user, select the right test, select the environment, and prepare the test materials.
  • You’ll discover how to conduct a one-on-one interview.
  • You’ll also find out how to analyze and report on the results of your usability test using common analysis techniques and reporting formats.

By the end of this course, you will have developed a test plan for a usability test, conducted a usability test, conducted an expert (heuristic) evaluation, and written a report using the industry-standard report format.

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About the Instructor

The instructor will guide you throughout the course by providing one-to-one mentoring. During the course, the instructor will answer your questions by email, provide you with feedback on your assignments, and lead optional audio teleconference sessions to discuss the materials and assignments.

Adina has been working for more than 10 years as User Experience specialist. She holds a Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction from Carleton University.

Adina’s main specialties are conducting user research studies in a formal usability lab. She has worked on the client site and remotely using a variety of techniques and methodologies, persona development, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and user interface design. She has been working in both private industry and government, at times as a consultant but mostly as an employee within a usability team of researchers and designers.

Student Reviews

I believe that I developed an understanding of the process of usability. This is what I was interested in achieving. This is the third course I have taken from and I feel that I am achieving a good understanding of information design.
Great course, found it valuable. Will recommend to others.
The assignments were well designed and were very good learning tools. It is a good introduction to usability topics and has the right blend of theoretical and practical knowledge.

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