Why Our Courses Are Different

Seven reasons why you should consider our courses


You have your own personal mentor

If you want the convenience of self-study, but still want to be able to ask questions and receive feedback from an expert, then our courses are just right for you. We provide lots of instructor feedback in our courses. When you have questions, our instructors provide prompt email support. For example, in our graphics course, the instructor sometimes clarifies concepts by redrawing student work.

Hand-marked assignments help you learn

How can you learn to write, design or program without actually doing it? And how can you improve if no one makes suggestions? That’s why we hand mark your assignments and give you feedback on how to improve your work. If you’re going to use a skill in the workplace, then you need to practice it. Completing quizzes and reviewing posted answers may be helpful, but they can’t replace practical assignments that allow you to practice your new skills.

Marked assignments

Text chats

Optional instructor-led sessions

Some people learn better through group interaction. That’s why all of our courses have optional chat sessions. For example, in our graphic design class, we use teleconferences to share ideas and brainstorm. As one student writes: “I appreciated the email and especially the teleconferences. The opportunity to get feedback on the deliverables was fantastic”.

Course materials you get to keep

In our courses, you get a copy of the course materials for your computer. You can choose to work offline and you can use the materials as a reference once the course is finished.

online course

This was an excellent, challenging course and Kitty is a great instructor. It helped me quickly enhance my marketable skills and obtain employment. Within several months of completing this course, I found employment as a technical editor.

High student satisfaction rates offer peace of mind

It can be tough searching for an online course. That’s why we ask you to judge our courses by what our students say about them. Our students give us high praise for our commitment to their learning. In fact, one of our students told us we were “… the best training site I have found on the Internet! There is a lot of substandard instruction on the Web, but OLL (Online-Learning.com) is definitely not one of them. More sites should learn from OLL!”.

Read the other testimonials for more information.

Flexibility with a schedule to keep you on track

Online learning is a great option for people who want the convenience of choosing when they work on the course. With all the demands of daily life, it can be hard to commit to training at scheduled times. Our courses offer you the flexibility of choosing when you do your readings and assignments. But we also provide a schedule of readings and assignments to help keep you on track.

Our experience has shown us that having a schedule as a guideline helps people to be more successful in completing their studies.

flexible learning

niche experts

 You learn from niche experts

Here at Online-Learning, we only teach Information Design subjects such as writing and design. These are areas we understand well and love to teach. We think that means you get a better education.