XML Basics for Technical Writers

It’s no news that there is demand for technical writers with XML experience, but precisely what might one be expected to know? As a technical writer working with XML, you will be expected to be able to author and publish XML documents. You will also need to have at least […]

XML basics for technical writers


Technical Writing and DITA

The production of technical documents such as user manuals is constantly evolving as new technologies become available. Consumers are able to access information in many different forms, including websites, support forums, knowledge base systems, FAQs, and many more. DITA can help writers to meet the challenges of producing technical documents […]

Single Sourcing

The delivery of information is becoming more complex as information must adapt to new technologies for content delivery. Information is being delivered in many different formats and for different audiences. If you are looking for a solution to the problem of delivering content in multiple outputs for different audiences, you […]

single source

Why use XML

Top Five Reasons to Use XML

If you are a technical writer or information designer and you have never worked with XML, you might be wondering why you should bother with XML. Using XML for authoring technical documents has a number of advantages for writers that can make it very worthwhile to consider. 1. XML is […]