Online is an online education company that offers self-paced and instructor-led online courses for writing, design, and business professionals. Each year, we provide training to hundreds of business and technical professionals seeking to enhance or augment their existing skills. Our courses offer professionals the opportunity to upgrade their skills in technical writing, business writing, UX design, usability, XML, and Web technologies.

We were at the forefront of e-learning when we first delivered online courses over 16 years ago. We have considerable experience in meeting the needs of today’s busy adult learners.

Leadership through experience has a first-class group of experienced professionals guiding our company and delivering our courses. Together, the team has many years of experience developing and delivering traditional and online courses in both academic and corporate environments. Our teaching experiences range from teaching at the university and college level, to delivering professional lectures, seminars, workshops and online presentations. As a result, you can be sure that your online experience is worthwhile.

Certificate in Information Design also offers a certificate in Information Design. The Information Design program is designed to provide foundation training in the core information design disciplines of writing, graphic design and human factors design.