User Interface Analysis Course Outline

Below is the table of contents for the User Interface Analysis course.

Getting started
Detailed content outline
Computing requirements
Project 1: Introduction
What is a user interface?
A simple example
How people work
Implications for user interface design
How systems work
Attributes of a good interface
Leveraging our cognitive skills
Leveraging our perceptual skills
Introducing user-centered design
User-centered design
User-centered design process
Design iteration
Analysis phase
High-level design phase
Detailed design phase
Verification phase
Benefits of the process
About interface analysis
Why analysis is needed
How analysis is different from design
Analysis definitions
Analysis process
Key outcomes of the analysis phase
Key analysis outputs
Deliverable: Introduce yourself
Project 2: Domain analysis
About domain analysis
What is domain analysis
Business perspective
User perspective
Marketing and competitive perspective
User interface technology analysis
Development constraints
Gathering information
Web searches
Expert heuristic evaluations
Deliverable: Conduct a web search
Task background
Task instructions
Project 3: User role analysis
About user roles
The purpose of domain analysis
Decide what you want to achieve in your domain analysis
Obtaining information from users
Asking the relevant questions
Assessing broad user segments
Determining broad user segments
Ranking broad user segments
Case Study – Museum digitization project
Determine the specific user segments
Identifying the primary and secondary roles
Determining the most important user
Specific user role description
Case study – Web portal publishing tool
Gathering information
One-on-one interview method
Field study method
Self-guided questionnaire or survey method
Importance of getting feedback from users
Validation plan
Deliverable: Prepare a user role report
Task background
Task instructions
Task description
Submission instructions
Project 4: Functional analysis
About functional analysis
What is functional analysis?
Identify the most important functions
Case Study – Web portal publishing tool
Deliverable: Prepare a functional analysis report
Task instructions
Task description
Submission instructions
Project 5: Task analysis
About task analysis
Managing the analysis project
Capturing user task information
Identify the most important tasks
Case Study – Web portal publishing tool
Creating user-task matrixes
Identifying use cases
Use case template
Case Study – Web portal publishing tool
Pulling it all together
Deliverable: Prepare a task analysis report
Task instructions
Task description
Submission instructions
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